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A New Crown in About 2 Hours

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Technology has had a impressive influence on dentistry over the past 30+ years.  Advances in materials and bioscience have pushed dentistry into a new era.

One technology that has changed forever the way dentistry is performed is computer aided design, also known a CAD.  With the assistance of a computer we are now able to capture an image of  a tooth or implant and design a replacement tooth chair-side in one visit.  Following the design phase, the information is sent wireless to a highly accurate milling machine that replicates the computer aided designed tooth.  The materials that the crowns are made of have also improved.  Material strengths now exceed those of the traditional feldspathic porcelains used in most crowns for the past 80 years.  What I consider to be one of the most exciting parts of all this new technology is the ability to deliver a custom made crown that fits better, looks better and is structurally stronger, in one visit.  The need for a temporary crown is eliminated as well as a second visit.

The one system that hasn’t changed is the human interaction.   Unlike the movies that drive us into the future, where 22nd century robots interact with the human patient and doctors stand behind a glass wall with a 20th century clipboard there is no current vision that it will happen anytime soon in dentistry.  But for now, we can at least take advantage of the best that technology and science can offer us.  I for one am happy to be part of it.

Best regards,

Dr. Robert Griggs

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