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Dentures and Fungal Infections

Once you trade in your natural teeth for a set of dentures, oral hygiene doesn’t stop. In fact, it is just as essential as ever! Like other types of dental prosthetics, dentures also collect bacterial plaque throughout the day. This can lead to fungal infections under your prosthesis – with the potential to spread further into your body.

Symptoms of Fungal Infection

How can you know whether or not there is a fungal infection under your denture?

Symptoms often include:

  • White Lesions (Candida)
  • Bumps Along the Cheeks and Tongue
  • Cracks at the Corners of Your Mouth
  • White, Creamy Material That Can be Wiped Away
  • Sores in the Roof or Back of Your Mouth

What is the Risk?

Recent studies show that fungal infections in the mouth could have the potential to spread into the bloodstream. Not only can this create significant health risks, it can also cross the blood-brain barrier and lead to swelling around the brain. In fact, oral fungal infections are now suspected to have a direct link with Alzheimer’s disease.

If a fungal infection is present, Dr. Griggs may need to place you on a prescription medication until the infection is eliminated.

Proper Denture Care

Fungal infections are very common when dentures are not removed nightly or cleaned on a regular basis. It usually originates along the roof of the mouth, or along the bony arch of your jaw.

Keep Your Dentures Clean

  • Remove them nightly. Soaking them in a denture cleanser will help to lift bacteria, which can be brushed away the next morning.
  • Dr. Griggs also recommends periodically soaking your dentures in a light solution of bleach and water to prohibit the growth of fungus.

Bring Your Dentures in for a “Check Up”

Whether you wear a full or partial denture, it is important to have your smile evaluated by Dr. Griggs on a routine basis. This can help you avoid problems like fungal or bacterial infections, damaged dentures, and bone loss. Most of our denture patients benefit from a check at least twice a year. We will also clean your dentures to remove any surface stains or tartar buildup. Call us at (732) 613-9898 today to schedule your next visit!

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