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Meet Old Bridge Dentist Dorothy Lee, DMD

Changing Lives Through Dentistry

Dentist & baby

Dr. Lee & the youngest member of the OBD Family, her daughter.

At the tender age of 15, Dr. Lee knew she was destined to work in the healthcare field. It wasn’t until she shadowed her hygienist Godmother who encouraged her to take her dreams all the way did she know she would be a dentist. By the time she was 18 and a dental assistant for a local doctor, general dentistry was the obvious choice.

I like that you get a variety with each patient, every day is a different journey. Dr. Lee

A Passion for Dentistry

She certainly has a passion to always strive to expand her scope of practice to accommodate the needs of her patients. Her special interests include improving her patients’ quality of life through cosmetic dentistry, implantology, and even sleep apnea appliances. “Sleep apnea is a medical issue, but we’ve come to find a solution with a dental appliance. Medical doctors and dentists can team together to create a treatment plan to help prevent heart attacks, coronary heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, which can all stem from sleep apnea, Dr. Lee explains. The fact dentists can intervene with a more conservative treatment, it may be worth a shot for some patients to give the dental appliance a try!”

Whether a patient’s dental needs are directly affecting their health or self-esteem, Dr. Lee understands how the ‘perfect smile’ or the ability to properly eat something as (what should be) simple as corn on the cob or an apple can improve their overall quality of life. “Attitude can change once a smile is perfected and that’s really priceless. The center of your face is your mouth and I can see how that can change a whole appearance cosmetically.”

“I have been going to Dr Griggs for 23 years. Every visit has been nothing but a positive one. The last one was life changing for me. I had a 3D X-ray in addition to my 6 month cleaning and check up. Dr. Lee came in to discuss the X-ray with me and told me that I had a narrow airway and after asking me about my sleep patterns advised that I do a sleep study. I followed up with my primary physician who sent me for a sleep study. Well, it turns out I have moderate/severe sleep apnea and stop breathing 24 times an hour. I now sleep with a CPAP machine and I feel so much better. I wake up well rested and without a headache and am no longer tired during the day. If left untreated I understand that my heart and lungs and overall health could be in jeopardy. Thank you Dr. Lee for making me aware of the dangers of sleep apnea.” – Leslie T.

A Lifetime of Learning

Being a dentist means a lifetime of continued education. Dr. Lee continues to take professional development courses in order to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in her field, including a two-year dental implant course at NYU and intent to attend the Dawson Institute for her Invisalign Certification.

Dr. Lee followed her dreams of becoming a dentist to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Call Old Bridge Dental® today!

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