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What to Expect at Old Bridge Dental

Before You Arrive

When you call for an appointment, you’ll be given the opportunity to come in during the same week if possible. If you have an emergency, we should be able to see you the same day – especially if you are in pain.

You’ll also be able to conveniently fill out your medical history form online ahead of time. The forms on our website connect directly into the dental software we use in the office, and so your information will be at our fingertips when you arrive.

Old Bridge Dentist Treatment Room

Adults should plan to be here for 90 minutes on their first visit.

For Non-emergent Appointments

While you’re in our office, your comfort is our utmost priority.

You can expect to meet the hygienist first. She will:

  • gather all data relevant to your care
  • take X-rays
  • review your history
  • check the condition of your teeth
  • take your blood pressure
  • do a thorough work-up including photographs
  • look at you as a whole
  • perform a thorough cleaning

One of the most critical parts of your examination will be perio-probing. Our hygienist will explain this procedure to you as she performs it, so that you understand the condition of your gums. She’ll measure the depth of each pocket along your teeth. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort, and this step can typically catch disease processes early enough to hopefully prevent any need for surgery.

Next you will meet Dr. Griggs and you can expect him to:

  • introduce himself and welcome you
  • take you through your digital X-rays on a chair-side screen, pointing out anatomy and what he is looking for
  • look for infection, decay, existing fillings,
  • ensure you have a good understanding of what’s going on

Additional Services

In addition to maintaining your dental health, we offer a full suite of restoration and cosmetic services available at Old Bridge Dental including:

Do you have questions? Call our Old Bridge office today.

Dr. Robert Griggs | Old Bridge Dentist | (732) 613-9898