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T-Scan in Old Bridge Helps With TMJ

woman with jaw painUtilizing T-Scan Technology Dr. Griggs is able to digitally record your bite in real time. T-Scan is the only company in the country providing this technology and Old Bridge Dental® is one of few offices where you can find this tool in use.

The T-Scan device looks like a thin plastic film in the shape of a horseshoe. You bite down on it, and digital sensors in the film instantly send messages to the computer telling us:

  • how hard each tooth is hitting
  • which tooth is hitting first
  • where the bite force is centered

You may have seen a dentist use colored paper in the past, to analyze your bite. But this only shows where teeth are hitting and doesn’t offer information about timing of during your bite process, or about the relative forces within your bite. With T-Scan, the computer can sense even very slight differences in timing and relative forces. And this extra information helps Dr. Griggs make minor adjustments to specific teeth to reduce stress on them. For those with TemporoMandibular Joint disorder (TMJ), this is similar to having the cars on your tire balanced.

Returning To Balance at Old Bridge Dental

When you drive a car with improperly balanced tires, the affects spread well beyond the wheels and tires to affect the entire vehicle. Similarly, a bite that needs adjustment can cause:

  • excited facial muscles
  • general discomfort
  • headaches
  • muscle tension in the face and neck
  • tooth sensitivity

When teeth hit each other improperly, it causes the tooth to flex and create tiny fractures in the tooth. These micro-fractures make it possible for small amounts of tooth to be brushed away. The tooth sensitivity which results is often blamed on brushing too hard, while to real culprit is an improperly balance bite.

Once areas of an imbalanced bite are identified, Dr. Griggs can make very slight and specific adjustments to your bite by making micro-removals with a drill in areas where your teeth should not be hitting. The benefits are:

  • a balanced bite
  • more relaxed muscles in the face
  • reduced sensitivity to hot and /cold in teeth, especially when gums have receded
  • fewer headaches

If you struggle with TMJ, call us to find out if T-Scan Technology can help.

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